Blackout blinds from £14.50 

BLINDSINABOX are and specifically designed to keep all natural light, including sunlight, out of a room. Our cost effective black out blinds are affordable and easy to install, no tools are required - helping to keep bedrooms pitch black to help with sleep during the day:

  • Easy to install
  • No tools required
  • No permenant damage
  • Can install behind existing curtains
  • FREE delivery in the UK

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Vertical Roll up pleated blinds

Exactly the same as roller blinds, they can be pulled up and down with a cord and can be cut to size for that made to measure perfect fit on awide range of windows.

They will fit perfectly behind existing curtains or blinds for that extra level of help in blocking out all natural light from a bedroom.

Easy to install

Our stick on black out blinds are available in black or white. Each BLINDSINABOX package contains clips, so that you can adjust the height of your blinds so that they are made to measure for instant privacy and protection from the sun.

They can easily be installed behind existing curtains or blinds to give you extra blackout blinds protection.

I would just like to say as a long term nightshift worker, i have tried countless blackout blinds and curtains some very expensive and then i found blinds in a box,they are amazing best black out on the market i will be recommending them to all my fellow nightshift workers. They are amazing at blocking out the light.

Temporary blinds for university students

When it comes to an easy to install, temporary curtain solution for your student accomodation, you need something that won't lose you your deposit and is quick and easy to install.  BLINDSINABOX are exactly what you need. 

The temporary blackout blinds from BLINDSINABOX are so impressive that they earned investment from James Caan and Duncan Bannatyne who make up part of the Dragons’ Den TV programme.

What the press say

"Whether it is a new hone, a refurbishment, a rental property or student accommodation, Blinds in a Box is sure to come in handy."

Evening Standard Homes & Bargains

Blackout blinds for nuserys

Our blinds are a practical addition to any baby’s room to help them get to sleep when light is creeping into their room. Our blinds can easily be fitted behind existing curtains for that extra level of protection to help get your baby gently off to sleep.

Our blinds have helped

  • Children to sleep in nurserys
  • Night shift workers to sleep during the day
  • Students in temporary accomodation
  • Migrane sufferers to get to sleep
  • New homeowners cover exposed windows