How to keep your home cool and make it affordable

Posted by BlindsInABox on 18/02/2014

So far this summer has been perfect for any barbeque enthusiast. We have had excellent sunshine and some very high temperatures. Whilst this makes for a great summer outdoors but also means that when indoors many people either struggle to sleep because of the heat, or have to pay big electricity bills due to air conditioning.

Thankfully there are alternatives which are also much more affordable. One such option is shades, blinds and curtains. This is a great option for many reasons. The first is that blinds are effective and efficient. Blackout blinds significantly reduces the power of the sun but can also allow air to pass if the window is open slightly. In addition you don’t have to spend a fortune; cheap blinds can be very effective. So if you’re on a tight budget you should definitely consider cheap window blinds.

For some properties dealing with the heat can be more of a challenge. If for example your house is situated in direct sunlight it is going to heat up considerably. For some families it is a great opportunity to plant trees to try and provide shade but this is a long term solution and will take years to really be effective.

Another option is to ensure all your windows are open. This is particularly effective if you live in a breezy area, say along the coast. The advantage with this over air conditioning is that it costs nothing and the air quality is much better. Air condition continually recycles the same stale air again and again and it is surprisingly easy to catch a fever or a chesty cough.

Hot countries have been home to people for thousands of years. Rather than suffer people have flourished and over thousands of years the architecture developed around keeping cool. As the UK seems to be getting generally warmer during the summers perhaps this is something that we need to consider when building homes in the UK.

Air condition is not a requirement of modern living and if we are intent on living greener lives we are going to have to look at alternatives such as blackout blinds. A combination cheap blackout blinds, keeping the windows open and maybe a couple of ceiling fans will do wonders for cooling your home this summer, and summers to come.