The blind-maker

Posted by Steve Hawkes on 18/02/2014

Grandma Simeon Salik is saying curtains to the credit crunch – by selling temporary blindson the internet.

Simeone, 67, launched two years ago after not being able to buy temporary blackout blinds for her new home in Mill Hill, North London.

She finally bought some from America and then decided to go into business with interior designer and pal Janice Dalton and businessman Dominic Lawrence to plug the gap in the market over here.

Simeone took her fledgling business on to Dragons Den in September last year.

She bagged £40,000 from tycoons James Caan and Duncan Bannatyne in exchange for 50% of the firm, with the chance to regain ten percent if they hit certain targets.

With the Dragons’ help, the business has secured a nationwide listing with Argos. Simeone told The Sun: “The housing market may be struggling but if we can do well, we will do really well when the recession is over.

“If the government would just support small firms we could get Britain back to being great. The more people that say ‘Lets go out and do something’ the better. I think the Sun’s campaign is brilliant”