Balancing privacy and light in your home

Posted by Greg Jacobs on 18/02/2014

Having a bright home is certainly a desirable feature of a home. A bright home is an uplifting and positive place to be, as opposed to a poorly lit dim room which is more conducive to sleep. For some people having lots of light come in a room is a mixed blessing because they often worry about people seeing in to them. This is especially true if your home has large windows that look on to either a neighbour’s home or a public street.

Cost is a factor which affects everyone and will dictate what can and can’t be done. Those with a small budget need not worry because there are plenty of options available which are both well designed and affordable.

A good example of a stylish and affordable option is blackout blinds. Cheap window blinds can be purchased from various stores and on the net and will do an excellent job of reducing the room’s temperature in direct sunlight, and it will prevent anyone from looking inside.

There are also different levels of light reduction with blinds. Some blackout blinds will block virtually all light, whereas others might only stop fifty per cent of the light. In addition, with cheap blinds it is typically very easy to customise them for any size window and shape. It is a highly flexible product which will appeal to people on a tight budget.

Blinds are a popular choice because of their flexibility in the home. They can be used in the lounge, bathroom and bedroom. They don’t cost a fortune and can be setup without much difficulty at all. With most blinds you can also adjust the angle to let in as much or as little light as you desire.

However blinds aren’t the only option for a room. For example in the bathroom frosted or other types of bubble or translucent glass can be fitted which does allow a large amount of sunshine to enter whilst severely limiting the amount of detail that can be seen through it. The only drawback for this option is that it can be expensive, especially if there are multiple windows to have fitted.

The reason frosted glass is typically used in bathrooms and not in say lounges and bedrooms is because if you do have a room with a view it will wasted if you can’t actually see it. With this in mind it is clear to see why blinds, drapes and curtains are a much more popular choice for the home.