Blindsinabox working with UNICEF on Pakistan Flood Appeal

Posted by Greg Jacobs on 13/09/2010

The recent flooding in Pakistan has been on a scale not seen 80 years. Pakistan is a country used to experiencing floods, but when four months worth of rain falls in the space of a couple of days there is little mankind can do to compete with the power of nature.

What has been particularly tragic about this natural disaster is that it is poorest who have been hit the hardest. The flooding has spread to an area about the size of the UK, three quarters of which is farming land. Over 3.4 million hectares of crops have been lost, and they are now needed more than ever.

Flooding is a type of natural disaster which doesn’t just destroy farmland, livestock, crops, villages, roads, bridges and buildings. It also brings with it disease and massive logistical challenges. The things you and I take for granted – clean water, shelter, medicine, soap, food, all is in extremely short supply and urgently needed.

According to Oxfam, with people living in constant wet and damp conditions, skin conditions, infections and respiratory illnesses are increasing rapidly. Worse still, the number of suspected malaria cases have more than trebled in recent weeks.

This natural disaster will take more than weeks, months or years to recover from. It will take a whole generation. To put things in perspective just look at the following figures:

At Blindsinabox we have got in touch with UNICEF and we are proud to announce that with every purchase made at Blindsinabox will donate £2 to the Pakistan Flood Appeal.