How to have a successful home renovation

Posted by Greg Jacobs on 22/09/2010

Renovating a home or apartment can be a disruptive process to say the least. Even with the very best planning and consultation there can still be unforeseen errors which can have quite a big impact on the project.

There are however ways of reducing the stress and hopefully the cost of a renovation project. The first thing which should always be done when carrying out a home renovation project actually starts well before anything any physical work happens. The planning stage needs to be thorough and well in advance and must include worst case scenarios. The internet gives you the ability to conduct a massive amount of research so there really is no excuse.

For households with children safety must be a consideration because any worksite which has power tools and sharp objects is dangerous for children and in fact adults. It is therefore imperative that you ensure for example nails and chemicals are not aimlessly left lying around. If the project is going to be a case of DIY then extreme caution is advised, especially if you try to bite off more than you can chew. Only do what you are capable of doing.

There is no question that DIY can save money but it can also cost money because if you do make big mistakes, the likelihood is that they will have to be corrected professionally which will cost you even more money. The reason there are companies which specialise in say window fitting or home insulation is because they know what they are doing and they have done it hundreds of times before.

The majority of people do realise that there are many things which are beyond their capabilities but what’s equally important is to get at least several estimates from different companies.

Temporary blinds

Perhaps the biggest reason for this is because you will see that the prices can vary dramatically. It also a good idea to ask the different companies for contact details of previous customer in order to get a testimonial. Decorating and building companies should take pride in their work and therefore be happy to pass on details.

It is also important to plan specifically for during the renovation because it could have a big impact on how the home runs. For example if the lounge is being worked on it could leave you with exposed windows which can remove all or any privacy you have. This problem can easily be solved with some cheap blinds or perhaps temporary blinds that can easily be installed and removed.