Real wood flooring fells opposition

Posted by Greg Jacobs on 13/08/2010

The type of flooring in your home can have a big impact on the look and feel and if there is one material which will forever be fashionable is real wood. It has a unique look which is virtually impossible to replicate. Many have tried and there is good vinyl out there however it is never going to have the same distinctive and loveable characteristics as real wood.

Another significant advantage to real wood is that it can be repaired easily if damaged. This is usually done, depending on the damage, by sanding down the wood and refinishing it whereas with vinyl flooring it has to be pulled up and thrown away.

Wooden floors are also thought to add value to property which is another reason for their popularity. In some older properties you can find the original wood flooring dating back well over a hundred years and they are a distinctive and unique selling point adding significant value to the property.

For allergy suffers wooden floors are a blessing in disguise as they do not hold dust and pollen, unlike carpet, and they are very easy to clean. For those with severe allergies or pet owners, a wooden floor is highly recommended.

black out blindsIf you are considering refurbishing a room in the house and wood is being used there is a good chance that sanding will be involved to it is worth noting that it may be worth putting up temporary blinds or cheap blinds particularly if you have curtain or drapes in the room.

Perhaps one of the most desirable features of real wooden floors is the feel. Timber is thick and it helps to keep a warm home being a good insulator and it has a soft sound. Characteristics such as this, is why timber will forever be fashionable.

Finally timer is a renewable material. You don’t have to search too far to find high quality timber that is has environmentally friendly. Tree planting is an important aspect for timber companies; after all it is in their best interest to ensure that the raw material does not run out.