What window-blind is best for you?

Posted by Greg Jacobs on 14/09/2010

Deciding what the best type of window blind for you is not always an easy decision. Some people might have their mind made up early on and for others it can be a really difficult decision. With summer all but over, things are made harder because a warm sunny day is the ultimate test for a window blind.

One group of people who probably have little interest in blinds besides their functionality are students. After a night binging on alcohol, being woken by the sun is the last thing they want. A good set of blackout blinds, or temporary blinds is more than adequate.

If you are in the process of decorating house temporary blinds can be handy, but what’s more important is that you have thought through your decision to get whatever blinds you decide. Changing blinds can be a challenge which may require specialist help, so do go through the process again and again should be avoided.

With window blinds one of the main differences found is their direction. Some choose horizontal and some choose vertical. You might be asking, what is the difference? Actually there is a difference. Horizontal blinds are the best for controlling the level of light whereas vertical blinds are excellent at providing privacy or complete darkness.

If perhaps you live in a colder climate then insulating blinds are going to be best for you. Typically these types of blinds have a honeycomb structure which then trap air and provide insulation. Air is after all one the best conductors available, weird as it may sound, so by harnessing this in your window blinds you are creating extra insulation for the home at a cost of nothing.

When it comes to choosing you window blind there are several things to take into consideration. Arguably the most important is your location, and therefore your climate. If for example you live in a very hot climate that you want blinds which will help keep the room cool. The interior design of the house which includes the colour schemes is also important and finally how much you want to spend. If you know all this information you are ready to find the best blind for you.