Back to School Blackout Blinds

Posted by Blinds in a Box on 10/09/2015

Summer is almost over and term time starts all over again, but the sun (for the most part) remains high in the sky until well into the evening. We here at Blinds in a Box, can imagine how hard it is to get a school child ready for bed when they are still in summer holiday mode, but we have something that can help. 

With the sun still beaming through the curtains at bedtime, it can act as a big distraction and   any child would refuse to sleep when there are still so many adventures to experience and so much energy to burn before the sun goes down.

With a young child full of energy with distractions added, especially those that cannot be controlled such as the sun, car headlights or street lights, it is needed to find methods to reduce them as much as possible.

That is why having curtains in the children’s bedroom which block out the sun is essential for the beginning of the school year. Blackout blinds are able to do the perfect job in blocking out sunlight.

This year, when purchasing your child’s new school uniform, shoes and stationary, do not forget to add Blinds in a Box blackout blinds to the mix for bedtime.

Waking up a tired child on the first day of school is never easy, especially if they have struggled to sleep the night prior due to distractions. Blackout blinds ensure full darkness in the room to take away any distractions from the outside world and allow you manage some distractions that are usually unable to be handled, whether it is the sunlight, streetlights or simples being able to see other kids playing around outside.

With blackout blinds in place, it would provide your child with a better nights rest as it would improve the resting environment by giving the “blackout” effect in the bedroom and it would also be bedtime around the clock.

Blinds in a box blackout blinds are great! Suitable for any window size or location. There is no need to rearrange anything in your child’s room, or to remove any current blinds, as all of their blinds are temporary.

They are also extremely easy to put up, as you simply put them in place using the adhesive strip on the blinds. Perfect to put up in the summer season or at the beginning of the school year, even better all year round. The blackout blinds provide the best atmosphere for a perfect night’s sleep for your child to help with their concentration when they get back to school.

Get your blackout blinds today, it is an investment you will not regret!