Black Friday Comes to BlindsInABox

Posted by Blinds in a Box on 11/11/2015

Thinking of purchasing BlindsInABox for a loved one this holiday season? Great idea, but don’t miss out on our Black Friday sale! Now that Halloween has come and gone, BlindsInABox is already in Christmas mode, and in light of the holiday spirit we have decided to offer you a great deal on our products.

You may be asking yourself what is this event called Black Friday? Black Friday is the biggest and busiest shopping day of the year, which originated in the United States, but in recent years has been adopted into the British culture. It falls on the day after Thanksgiving, making the date of Black Friday November 27th for this year. Retailers of all types offer huge sales on their products to spark the start of the holiday shopping season.

While this is a relatively new phenomenon in the UK,  some say it is bound to surpass Boxing Day sales in the near future. Last year, Visa estimated that UK shoppers alone spent nearly £518 million just online on Black Friday. That’s over £21.5 million spent an hour! On top of that, Black Friday is becoming more and more popular each year, so don’t miss out and mark your calendars for this monumental day.

In general, Black Friday sales usually start at midnight, or for some stores 8 in the morning, but back in the United States some stores even open up their discounts the night before. In that case, make sure you get some sleep the night before so you can get your shopping started bright and early! However, no need to set an early alarm to get our discounts, BlindsInABox will be offering its sales online starting on 13th of November and ending on December 4th. But don’t wait too long because Christmas is right around the corner.

Whether you are looking for our white blinds for general use or our black blinds for the ‘blackout’ sensation, you can find them on our website. Our instant window coverings make excellent gifts whatever the occasion. Whether it is for those new homeowners who are busy trying to furnish their house or students studying away at university who are looking for privacy in their living situation, everyone is grateful for BlindsInABox’s unique and trustworthy products.

Even children who have a hard time falling asleep at night can highly benefit from our black out blinds’ ability to block any outside light. Our blinds are loved by our customers because they offer privacy, keep the light out, maintain comfortable room temperatures, all while being aesthetically pleasing.

If you are tired of procrastinating and want to get your holiday shopping done early and receive great savings while you’re at it, than Black Friday at BlindsInABox is for you! Quick and easy to install for any room in your home, check out our website and see how we can assist you in your window covering needs. And don’t forget, starting on November 27th, avoid the crowds and enjoy our online Black Friday sales from the comfort of your own home.