BlindsInABox's Tips For Home Renovations

Posted by BlindsInABox on 25/01/2016

The new year has barely begun and people everywhere are hoping to make fresh starts. However, if you've entered 2016 with the same ol' house renovations, BlindsInABox can help alleviate the inevitable stresses.

Tips for Home Renovations in 2016

  1. Don't waffle: Patiently think though all the updates you'd like to make before beginning work. Once a final decision has been struck, don't hesitate as constant flip-flopping is usually what causes renovation delays.
  2. Don't ignore what your house wants: Sometimes what the house wants can and should outweigh your wants. Would a futuristic, ultra-modern kitchen make sense in a Victorian era brownstone? Sometimes! However, understand your home and complete research before starting any major changes to the design of the house. 
  3. It's all in the detail: Make sure your contract with the contractors or remodelers is plain as can be. A contract should include: the correct address, the right start and end date and an outlined list of what is and isn't going to be done. 
  4. Store Valuables: Renovations can affect every part of a home. Homeowners protect immovable fixtures like built-in cabinets, chandeliers or wood flooring. And pack away movable valuables, especially those that have particular sentimental value.

And while this work is continuing, make sure that you and your family are comfortable and have privacy. 

Affordable Temporary Blinds

Renovations on any scale can add up. However, BlindsInABox provide a product that won't drain your wallet. With customisable dimenions to fit your needs, you can choose from house necessary colours of black or white to provide instant privacy and coverage while continuing to improve your home. 

Easy To Install Temporary Blinds

Our temporary blinds are perfect for the house proud, but not techincally skilled DIY-er. Requiring no tools except your hands and a pair of scissors, installing your temporary blinds won't bring back memories of trying to build a table from a flatpack. Just measure the window width to ensure absolute accuracy, cut the temporary blind to the correct size, peel off the tape backing and stick the blind to the window frame, glass or wall. It really is that easy. 

So while the rest of your home may look like a twister has stumbled through, know that your windows have never looked better.