Spring into April with New Blinds

Posted by BlindsInABox on 22/03/2016

On 27th March 2016, daylight saving time begins and the clocks in the United Kingdom turn forward one hur. What does this mean for you? It means spring is upon us and the sun will rise and set one hour later each day. Longer days means more sunglight and pleasant weather streaming through your windows.

With the change of season fast apporaching, it is time to consider updating and improving your home or office window treamtents. BlindsInABox provides a solution for any window of all shapes and sizes.

Blindly Easy Purchase

To appeal to all clients BlindsInABox provides an online, hassle free shopping experience. Five products are available for purchase and direct shipping straight to your home. 

These blinds come in two colours that can be adapted into any room. Black and white blinds, with blackout  features, are available in two sizes. Each type of blinds can be purchased individually or in a box set of 3 or 6. 





Black or White Blinds




Large Black or White Blinds




Product Information

BlindsInABox was founded on the ideal that installation should be an easy two-step process.

Step one requires the width of the window to be measured. Depending of the measurement length, adjustments may need to be made by marking and cutting through the pelats. Trimming is best done with utility knives and scissors. 

Step two begind the hanging process. Peel back the tape from the blind and stick it to the window frame, glass or wall. For success, avoid hanging the blinds on water-based paint surfaces. 

Opening and closing the blinds is made made simple by the enclosed clips. To open the blinds, gather the pleats and secure with the clips. To open the blinds, gather the pleats and secure with clips. 

Our Customers Couldn't Be Happier

BlindsInABox has proven sucessful by reviews from many satisfied customers. Rosemary agrees that blackout window blinds she purchases meet her every need.

"I keep forgetting to get up early in the morning unless I set the alarm. Just cannot praise the blinds enough and neighbours and frieds all know about them via myself. Brilliant!"

Andrew's occupation relies on him receiving a restful night's sleep. BlindsInABox is happy we could help him fall and stay asleep.

"I would just like to say as a long term nightshift worker, I have tried countless blackout blinds and curtains, some very expensive and then I found BlindsInABox. They are amazing, best blackout blinds on the market. I will be recommending them to all my fellow nightshift workers. They are amazing!"

Take it from our customers. We at BlindsInABox are determined to deliver our customers the best products in a timely and convenient fashion.

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BlindsInABox want to help make a change this spring. Our blinds are sold exclusively online. With any concerns or questions, contact us today.