BlindsInABox Answers Your Questions

Posted by BlindsInABox on 04/04/2016

The BlindsInABox team are always happy to help our customers. Referencing our FAQs, we've expanded upon our responses our answers, so our customes are always in the know. 

Cutting the Blinds

Q: What is the best way to keep a straight line when I cut the blinds?

A: Keep the blind closed in its folds, and cut through with a sharp knife, craft knife or “Stanley” knife. Reference our installation video to see how to cut and fit the blinds to your window.

Q: Do I need to cut the bottom of the blinds?

A: No, each blind has 2 clips to hold them up at whatever height you require. More clips can be purchased on a need basis. 

Blackout Feature 

Q: Can you see through the white blinds at night when the light is on?

A: No, you cannot see through the white blinds when a light is on in the room. Their purpose is to give security and privacy.

Q: Are the white blinds blackout?

A: No, the white blinds do not have a black out feature. If you wish to have a blackout effect, our black blinds  provide this feature.


Will you introduce extra colours in the future?

A: We do not intend to introduce extra colours in the near future. Our company was founded on providing instant blinds with a cost effective solution to our customers. Black and white blinds allow BlindsInABox to stick to that promise.

Q: Can the blinds fit any width window?

A: Yes, you can either overlap the blinds or place them side by side for wider windows.