30 Minute Interior Design Makeover

Posted by BlindsInABox on 11/04/2016

From the moment BlindsInABox blinds are delivered to your front door, to the moment they are hung, this process could take no more than 30 minutes.

The Small Touches Make The Difference

Upon ordering, customers choose between two sizes and colours that will best fit their window treatment needs. Depending on the size of your window, the paper blinds provided will need to be trimmed. 

Hassle Free, Two-Step Installation Process

The installation process for BlindsInABox can be finished in two easy steps. In step one, if trims and adjustments need to be made, trimming is best done with utility knives and scissors. 

Step two you may begin the hanging process. Across the top of teh blind, peel back the tape from the adhesive material and stick it to the window frame, glass or wall.

Enclosed in the delivery, you will find two clips that make opening and closing the blinds a simple process. To open the blinds, gather the pleats and secure wiht the clips.

BlindsInABox wants all homeowners to feel they can transform their space without breaking the bank. The before and after effects of hanging these white blinds is transformational, instantly providing quality privacy and security, while also being affordable. 

With such reasonable prices, you can outfit yoru entire home with our instant blinds. Customers may intent to keep BlindsInABox blinds as a temporary, interim solution. However, a lot of our customers are surpised by how functional and durable our blinds are. 

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BlindsInABox wnats to her from you. Let us know how the installation process of your instant blinds went. Share the before and after images of your windows on your social channels, tagging @BlindsinaboxDD, to show others how effortless this purchase can be. 

It doesn't cost a lot to make a great improvement to your home. Purchase your affordable blinds today and let the makeover process begin.