How To Make your Home Uniquely Your Own

Posted by BlindsInABox on 10/05/2016

Have you ever imagined your dream home? Putting your stamp on your home means choosing every detail with yourself in mind. When trying to make your home unique always consider the following;

Above all else, Choose A Colour Theme 

Select a few principle colours for the essential shading palette followed by a couple more complimentary colours. For instance, you may pick as principal colours cream, brown, and green. The complimentary colours could be a couple shades lighter or darker such as champagne, ivory, beige and pastel green. Avoid uproarious colours or any shading that features intensely different colours, unless you are specifically going for contrast.  

Make A Focus in The Room

This main highlight ought to be the thing that draws the eye or begins discussions when visitors enter. It may be an extravagant mirror, an eye-catching painting, an extraordinary lounge chair, a mass of pictures. Give only one thing a chance to be the sole fascination, and everything else ought to fall into place around it. At the point when there is "too much" going on in a room, it gets to be viewed as unpleasant, and busy as opposed to unified and cosy. Use decorations in a surprising way, for example, hanging a classic rug on a wall. Components of amazement will include character and fun.

Equally, there’s always a way to approach organising your space to highlight what ornaments, accessories and bits of memorabilia should be on prominent display.  Select only a few delightful, items that represent you and your space, to avoid over clutter and not take away from the focus of the room.  A warm home is one that demonstrates that it is cherished and well considered.

Incorporate Artwork and Photo Collections

Showing your most loved artwork or photos of the family instantly makes a room 'yours'. If you love music, framing some old album covers is an unusual and inexpensive way to dress your walls - and it is a good talking point. For a truly personalised design scheme, consider having wallpaper printed from one of your photos, or arrange to have it blown up to a massive scale and framed.

Enhance Lighting

Make your home work for you by having the capacity to switch between brighter, more concentrated light when you have to focus and something gentler when you want to unwind. Lighting in a home makes or breaks the quality of elegance. Having a splendid home is surely an attractive component of a home. A sufficiently bright home is an inspiring and positive place to be.

Window Dressings

Additionally, also think about window dressings. Adding a dreary curtain or not taking care to buy something of quality will ruin the overall ethos of your space.

Also, in the height of summer, which we are hopefully on our way to enjoying, when it stays light for longer, don’t let the evening sun interrupt your sleep cycle.

BlindsInABox offers a solution. We offer affordable, temporary blinds. With customisable measurements to fit your needs, you can choose from house basic colours of black or white to provide instant privacy and coverage while continuing to improve your home.

Our temporary blinds are perfect for the homeowner, not technically skilled in DIY affairs. Requiring no tools except your hands and a pair of scissors, installing your temporary blinds won't bring back memories of trying to build a table from a flatpack. Just measure the window width to ensure absolute accuracy, cut the temporary blind to the correct size, peel off the tape backing and stick the blind to the window frame, glass or wall. It is that easy. So while the rest of your home may look like a twister has stumbled through, know that your windows have never looked better.