BLINDSINABOX® instant blinds

Black Blinds White Blinds

Black instant blinds ideal for bedrooms and where a true 'blackout' is required.

White instant blinds for general use.

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Get 2 regular white blinds for £13.50

Product information

We have designed all of our blinds for easy application. There is no need for any bolts, screws or screwdrivers to install any of our blinds, wether they are our blackout blinds or the white, they are all applied through our simple two step process.

This is great for anyone, from students to those who are in need of something temporary whilst renovating their home. We take away all the trouble of spending hours to put together your blinds, by allowing you to complete the job in minutes, even seconds!

Great for any room in the house, just follow these steps to install your own blinds.

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Don't just take our word for it...

"I was really impressed with the blinds, they were very easy to hang and are very effective. I was pleased that I remembered seeing them on Dragon's Den."

- Penny Crabtree

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Clips for Blinds


We supply 2 clips per blind, but if you are planning to cut the blinds to fit smaller windows then you might need some more.

Velcro for blinds


The velcro can be applied to either the bottom or sides of the blinds, holding the blind in place. It also gives an option to fit the blinds to sloping windows.