Installing your BLINDSINABOX is as easy as 1,, really!

We have designed all of our affordable, temporary blinds for easy application. There is no need for any bolts, screws or screwdrivers to install any of our budget blinds, whether they are our blackout blinds or the white, they are all applied through our simple two-step process. This is great for anyone, from students recently moved into a university dorm to those that are in need of something temporary whilst renovating their home. We take away all the trouble of spending hours to put together your instant blinds, by allowing you to complete the job in minutes, even seconds! Great for any room in the house, just follow these steps to install your own affordable, temporary blinds

Measure the window, Cut the blinds

Step 1 — Measure and cut

First measure your window width.

For windows smaller than 91cm (36in) wide, trim the blind using a utility knife making several passes to cut through all the pleats. If necessary, trim the length with scissors.

For windows wider than 91cm, overlap two or more blinds. The blinds are 183cm (72in) long.

Peel back and stick!

Step 2 — Peel back and stick!

Peel the tape backing from the blind and stick to the window frame, glass or wall.

Blinds should not be stuck to water-based painted surfaces.

To open the blind, simply gather up the pleats and secure with the enclosed clips.

CAUTION: These blinds are flammable. Do not use near an open flame (eg. candle).

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