Ready made blinds from £14.50 

BLINDSINABOX are ready made and can be quickly and easily cut to size to fit any almost window. Our paper blinds come in black or white, are easy to install and don't require any tools to put up.

  • Easy to install
  • No tools required
  • No permenant damage
  • Cut to size
  • FREE delivery in the UK

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Ready made roman blinds

Our quick and easy ready-made blinds can be pulled up and down with a cord and can be cut to size for that made to measure perfect fit on awide range of windows.

Our roman style blinds are perfect for a temporary situation, such as moving home, but are equally at home when used for much longer periods of time, such as in childrens nurserys or bedrooms. No need to made to order online waiting months for delivery, gets yours next day delivery and have them installed tomorrow!

Easy to install

Our stick on blinds are available in black or white. Each BLINDSINABOX package contains clips, so that you can adjust the height of your blinds so that they are made to measure for instant privacy.

Want to add that little extra shade to a room? Our cheap blinds can be made to measure in minutes and easily be fitted behind existing curtains for that extra level of protection from the light. Buy yours online today.

Just got my blinds delivered. Thank you so much for the very quick efficient delivery. Being ready made, they were so easy to put up, it saved my day. Will certainly recommend your to others. Thanks again.

Ready made blinds for university students

When it comes to an easy to install, temporary curtain solution for your student accomodation, you need something that won't lose you your deposit and is quick and easy to install.  BLINDSINABOX are exactly what you need. 

The cheap made to measure blinds from BLINDSINABOX are so impressive that they earned investment from James Caan and Duncan Bannatyne who make up part of the Dragons’ Den TV programme.

What the press say

"Whether it is a new hone, a refurbishment, a rental property or student accommodation, Blinds in a Box is sure to come in handy."

Evening Standard Homes & Bargains

Put up in minutes

There is no need for any bolts, screws or screwdrivers to install any of our blinds, whether they are our blackout blinds or the white, they are all applied through our simple two-step process.

Made to measure

Step 1 — Measure and cut

First measure your window width to ensure accuracy. For windows smaller than 91cm (36in) wide, trim the instant blind using a utility knife making several passes to cut through all the pleats.If necessary, trim the length with scissors. For windows wider than 91cm, overlap two or more blinds. The blinds are 183cm (72in) long.

Step 2 — Peel back and stick!

Peel the tape backing from the blind and stick to the window frame, glass or wall. Blinds should not be stuck to water-based painted surfaces, to avoid any unwanted paint removal. To open the instant blind, simply gather up the pleats and secure with the enclosed clips. And that's it! Easy as 1, need for a 3. Our affordable and temporary BlindsInABox blinds are easy and quick to install.